Past, present and future

When I look out  through my bedroom window the sun is shining, I see a blue sky, a seagull whirling around in the sky above some roofs – it’s a beautiful afternoon. Today it’s Sunday, November 4th 2012, the grass in the park opposite my house is still greenish and the leaves on the trees are yellow. Such a beautiful day affects my mind and makes me consider the many good things in the world, despite all injustices, cruelty and evil deeds. Here in Malmoe, southern Sweden, we have great contrasts, a city, like the rest of the world full of ironies. Different destinies intertwined in positive meetings, struggles, crime, violence, friendship and co-operations. Today the weather is beautiful and from my perspective it’s something to enjoy. Sometimes the weather creates problems for us humans: leaving us homeless or without electricity, injuring or killing people and animals, destroying houses and things. Other times nature becomes a great asset and a useful ally, unless we don’t abuse nature.

On the morning I was born there was a snowy blizzard whining outside the hospital walls and my parents were told that I most likely would be still born. I wasn’t, even though there were problems. I had a tough childhood with many setbacks, but I have grown into a man with a positive fighting spirit and a person who works hard and takes stands in life, for both myself and others – trying to be a good citizen. Even though I have things in life to complain about I prefer to try and see possible solutions and ways forward.

Yesterday I listened to very interesting seminars held by young feminists, but also participated in the discussions. The women talked about sexism, different forms of feminism, how women’s bodies always are objectified, sexual rights, freedom and limitations, but also about empowerment and co-operation. As a man it’s good to pay attention to what women want to tell us, but also how we men have messages that we ought to convey to the opposite sex for an improved understanding.

Two nights ago I took part in a commemoration event of dead drug victims, and two nights earlier I listened to a man who’s working at the TV-station Al Jazeera. He was talking about the effects of islamist influences in the Muslim world, and tried to define the nuances of religious perception and lifestyle. Since we live in such a varied world it’s important to listen in different perspectives, learn new things and to keep an open mind.  Through wider knowledge we may at least be a little  better prepared for making some improvements in our future world.

Anders Moberg, November 4th 2012

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