Delays of older texts

In the summer of 2012 I was persuaded by a friend to start writing texts for an American blog situated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. My friend knew how I see the world and thought that my message ought to be spread internationally. I sent in some texts and three of my poems were published, two in July and one in September. However, I also sent in three other articles as well during August, which never were published as they were meant to. The owner of the blog liked them, but trouble among her peers delayed the posting of my remaining texts. Tomorrow and on Friday I’ll publish these contributions slightly adjusted on my own blog, so that you will be able to read what I wrote back then, even though about three months have passed since the events I describe occurred. If you want to check out the American blog here’s the address:


Anders Moberg

Malmoe, Sweden, November 7th 2012

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