Economic strain but some hope for the future

Now we know that Barack Obama will remain as President of the United States for the next four years. I and many others see that as a great relief. The struggle for the post was fierce and dirty and by no means a landslide victory.  Only a few days ago both Obama and Romney were running neck by neck, but luckily Barack Obama and his Democrats won the struggle for the American voters, mainly among Afro-Americans, Hispanics, less fortunate, various immigrant groups and women who see Obama as more interested in their wellfare. Also Obama’s foreign policy is by many outside the USA percieved as wiser, more focused on diplomacy and peacefull means than on war mongering, even though the President will have to co-operate with the hawks in different international conflicts. The superstorm Sandy last week though has moved the focus onto  domestic affairs and Obama has to aid the many Americans who now suffer from the effects of the superstorm. The American economy is in deep crisis as well. The national debt is now 16 billion US Dollars, and the deficit in the federal budget will become 1327 Dollars this year. Barack Obama now has about 50 days to solve the country’s most instant problems. The Republicans will do what they can to oppose Obama and block many of his policies in the Senate. These problems will contribute to dire straits for the president, but the fact that jobs have been created lately saved his presidency, most likely. Nevertheless, the future is gloomy for many, but not without hope. “We are an American family, and we rise or fall together as one nation and as one people”“It doesn’t matter whether you’re black or white or Hispanic or Asian or native American or young or old or rich or poor, abled, disabled, gay or straight”, Obama said with ardent fervor. Obama has many severe problems to deal with, but I hope that he will succeed in fullfilling some of his visions and policies both nationally and globally.

In China there’s an election too within the Communist party. One candidate.  China is going forward, develops fast and the Yuan is strong. The middle class is growing and many Chinese people get better lifes, but the backlash is the treatment of those with other views, democracy activists and others who’re less fortunate. They’re treated with harrassment, imprisonment or executions. Still the Chinese economy is growing and creates many opportunities.

Here in Europe many nations struggle with a bad economy. Countries like Spain, Italy, Greece especially, but many others as well. Here in Sweden too we have problems with firms and companies who have to shut down, sack employees, cut down on expences and throw people into an abyss of uncertainty and an insecure future. The Swedish economy has so far been fairly spared from the most severe problems in Europe, but we are by no means out of trouble. It’s in situations like these that many people turn on each other because of the restrains and the conflicts it always lead to. When people feel insecure and frightened animosity lurks behind the corner, it’s natural human behavior. Still it’s devestating, because we know from history’s bitter experience that destructive forces abuse these situations and lure us to find scape goats and dividing us into friends or foes. We don’t need more wars!! We don’t need a struggle between right and left wings. We don’t need to see criminals and gangsters taking advantage of the situation. We don’t need hatred between socialists and conservatives! We don’t need hate between different religions or ethnic groups! What we do need though is co-operation for our own future and our children’s future. My own situation isn’t easy, since I have to look for a new job, but I refuse to give up. We must never ever give in!!

Anders Moberg, Malmoe, Sweden, November 9th 2012

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