Our precious lifes

Life itself is profoundly valuable. It doesn’t matter who lives it. Life also finds new ways to express itself, irrespecitive of if it does so in shapes of plants, animals or humans. I love life, and so do most of us I believe. I also love to love and hate to hate, which goes for most of us humans, and according to my way of seeing it life is precious, something to take care of and live as much as possible.

Yesterday I was invited to a friend of mine. She had her birthday a few days ago, but also her three year old son, and I was invited to her family to celebrate them. This was a nice gesture and she seemed pleased. I came along with another friend which I usually meet in that context. We talked, laughed, went for a walk, had dinner and discussed many different aspects of life. My friend’s husband had been out hunting. The children played and I thought that there’s so much in life to be grateful for when you’re privileged to have it. Sadly enough we sometimes take  partners, loved ones and others for granted and do not always treat them with the affection and respect they deserve. However, monetary wealth doesn’t necessarily mean that you live a happy life, and many people lead tragic lifes despite their money and all the things around them, while others who’re less fortunate when it comes to material wealth sometimes seem happier. Other times again…it’s the opposite. It often comes down to how we chose to see life, how we treat both others and ourselves, but also how we see different things around us. If we can enjoy things in life as well as find beauty in both small and big matters around us, even when it comes to the most trivial things.

Later in the evening I was invited by some other friends to a night out on a Turkish restaurant. On the train home to Malmoe I smiled inside myself. My first friend’s friend and I had as we usually have a very stimulating conversation and said farewell on the train station. With my Turkish and Kurdic friends late last night we too enjoyed each other’s company and had an evening of discussions and dancing. Life itself is too short to waste, and I know that all the happy people yesterday evening have experienced many severe tragedies and brutal things in their respective lifes, but still have a capacity to take care of it to live life in a way that suits them when they can with a smile on their lips. I have experienced many severe hardships too in my life, but deep down I have a positive fighting spirit, a love for both myself and others and the world we live in. All our lifes are precious.

Anders Moberg, November 11th 2012Image

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