Tenacity is vital


Even though I yesterday had a day of celebrations and a nice night out, one still has to remember that life must contain also the more serious parts. If one is to succeed and do well one has to be tenacious to achieve at least some of the goals in life. We have to work hard, earn money, take responsibility for what we work with and show tenacity in other aspects of our lives as well. That kind of responsibility is put on us all, but not everyone’s allowed to prove their worth. There are lazy bums and those who have no wish to work, and humans are sometimes lazy. But others who are percieved as lazy are just temporarily depressed, in emotional crisis, disabled in a way or ill for the moment, and will regain their strength.

However, if you ask me most of us want to work and lead lifes that suit our personalities and the skills we develop. We can do that in various ways and try to find ways that are developing for both ourselves and the surrounding society. I use to work hard, which I’ve been brought up to do, I love to work and feel that sense of belonging and that I do something useful with my life. Then again, we’re all suitable for different kinds of jobs, but in today’s harsh climate one has to be prepared to do many various things. We have a high unemployment rate and many people lose their jobs which creates an agony and a deep worry within them, and a foundation for crushed relationships, extremism, poverty and crime. That is very serious. We also have to take care of competent people and not let them go by west. Nevertheless, in all aspects of life we have to keep the belief in ourselves even in tough times and keep that belief like a constant lit lamp post on a dark night, and never give up that tenacity to move forward as good, hardworking citizens. I for one refuse to let anyone turn out my light or take away my strength, but will continue struggling forward with ardent strength for myself, for others as well as our society.


Anders Moberg, November 11th 2012

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