Struggle for present life and the future – Like David versus Goliath

Yesterday I wrote two texts on my blog, about how precious our lifes are, the importance of respect for life and also about how important it is to keep a tenacious attitude and work hard, never give up, do what we can for our own lifes and the society we live in. To do that is of the utmost importance. Even though the society we live in is tough, and the situation in the world globally is serious, we still have to keep a positive attitude. Sometimes we have to struggle with keeping our everyday lifes going, form structures, making contacts, being competetive, finding individual solutions and form different alliances. The way to succeed and never give up might be compared to the story of the young shepherd David from Bethlehem who killed the giant soldier Goliath from Gath, won the war against the Philistees, and later became king of the nation.

Now, I’m no war-mongerer. I intend to interpret this story as a metaphor. What I mean is that we all, like David who was an underdog, might find ways to move forward and succeed if we are resourceful and follow our hearts, but also a keen eye and ear for what is needed in our own lifes, as well as in our society. Like David who dared to challenge the giant warrior and killed him with a simple sling and later became king, we might succeed if we dare to challenge the situation, even in times of economic and social turmoil. If we allow ourselves to keep our heads high, trust in our capacity, at the same time be humble enough to realise our weaknesses, that we are imperfect in our personalities and need to co-operate as well as take care of each other to contribute to our society, then we have achieved something important. In that way we might shape a plausibly fair lifestyle. Intelligence, individual development, development and hard work for a company or an association are then of the essence. That is what I believe anyway. What do you think?

Anders Moberg, November 12th 2012



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