On wings of Swedish capacity


I took this photo on June 6th 2012 and had just been celebrating our national commemoration day. This magpie throws himself from a roof top passing a Swedish flag. See it like this… The magpie could be me or any other Swede who’s proud of our heritage, our competence and refuse to give in. The magpie isn’t a large bird, but it’s agile and resourceful. Sweden isn’t a big country, even though we once was a superpower. Nevertheless we are resourceful. We have become internationally famous for our inventions, medical products, our opera singers, our music producers and our pop stars. We’re famous for cars like SAAB and Volvo, for IKEA and our athletes. Sweden is also internationally famous for keeping the values of human rights, equality and fairness, as well as diplomacy in high esteem.

Now many companies will fire people, and thousands more will become unemployed. That is a great tragedy and the many worried individuals get a slap in their face. The ways to find new solutions and legal ways to work must increase, if we don’t want a foundation for established corruption, or meet an empoverished future for the nation and many of us who live here. We must be resourceful, inventive, help each other and trust in our individual capacities. The laws and regulations we have must combine care for the weak, sick and unfortunate, with laws that encourage and support small and medium sized companies to employ new staff, survive and grow. We are all valuable,  irrespective of what we’re good at, our gender or age. That is something we must take care of.

A few days ago I got the affirmation and grade letter from my latest employer. This is what he wrote:

“Hereby is certified that Anders Moberg has been working for People’s Entertainment/Parabol Disc Productions 040 during the period May 7th 2012 to November 7th 2012. Anders Moberg has during his time with us been working as a writer, interviewer, co-ordinator, photographer and graphic illustrator. Anders has discharged his duties in an excellent way and has during his period with us been a breath of fresh air. He has proven to have an amount of hidden talents which have been useful for the company. Anders is very creative, merry and hasn’t missed a working day since he started. We are very content with Anders as a colleague and with the well performed work he has achieved. Because of reductions Anders now leave us and we want to wish him good luck and can warmly recommend Anders Moberg to the next employer.”

So, now I’m among those who have to look for a new job again, but never fret. We must keep open minds and do what we can to find constructive solutions for all of us. Take a look at the picture below. Like the Medieval kogg that succeeded the viking longboats. The kogg was a merchant ship that could take big cargos. It’s the same for us. We too must take new cargos and develop from longboats to more modern vessels. We must find constructive solutions for individual and group alike. We have the same human value, but different skills which must be taken care of and be able to evolve. Like the 14th century kogg in a modern harbour. We must learn from history, take care of the present and work for the future.


//Anders Moberg, November 16th 2012

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