Running for life


In troubled times many people experience war, famine, earth quakes etc, and if they want to survive they sometimes have to run, seek refuge somewhere or move to another place. It’s not fun to run for life. We’re not talking about running to get in good condition or for exercise, we’re talking about our deeply rooted survival instinct. Running in order to survive. Why then show a picture of a raw deer instead of a human? Simply to illustrate that this survival instinct is deeply rooted in all living creatures on earth. The raw deer in the drawing is trying to evade some fierce predator, a hunting human, a wolf, bear or something similar.

In the beginning of our human history when our early ancestors were much smaller pedestrian hominids in Africa we often were the prey. We had to survive attacks from hyenas, lions, leopards and other animals, and only our resourcefulness made us survive as a species. As we’ve evolved during the evolution and become what we are today we still have this escape gene inside of us. When we are in some sort of fatal situation like unemployment, famine, in need of escaping a violent partner, or simply are in pursuit of finding success elsewhere we use this gene. Since we usually want to be with our loved ones, and with people who like and understand us we’re often drawn to environments where we feel secure.

To run for life or seeking a new position in life isn’t disgraceful, since it’s inherited, but simply shows that we aim to survive and want to live. Other times we have to take a stand and defend our offspring or the place where we live. Nevertheless, peaceful means are definitely preferable. Since life is precious and we ought to take care of each other we must combine this gene of suspicion and fear with our proud self esteem and sense for working together. We must believe in ourselves and co-operate.Image

Anders Moberg, November 17th 2012

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