A city to love and cherish


I have lived in Malmoe now since 1995. It’s a city of great contrasts, and like most larger cities it’s divided. The segregation is very distinct, and the problems do exist. In several of my texts I try to deal with different aspects of the existing problems, even though my aim use to be to find positive solutions for the common good. This time I’m going to pinpoint the beauty of this place.

Especially since the late 1990’s Malmoe has evolved and turned into a city of modernity and tradition, invention, up-to-date buildings and architecture. We have beautiful parks with flowers and windmills, oases, cafés, houses from earlier epoques: the 1920’s, 1790’s, the 16th and 17th century or even back to the 13th. There’s a lot of building going on and Malmoe bit by bit has turned into a city for the future. I love strolling or quickly walking through this town, watching the scenery and taking in the atmosphere in various parts. I love experiencing different aspects of it’s pulsating life, calm and more vivid respectfully. I also love socialising, to be with or just talking to people here and there. Sometimes I’m taking photos of what I see.

Take a stroll down to Pildamsparken or the beautiful city library, enjoy Malmoe castle, see street performances, go to a club, disco, pub or visit the Malmoe Opera enjoying the music. If you’re into soul, raï or hip hop… don’t hesitate to throw yourself into that environment. The many restaurants and cafés, companies, organizations and other aspects of this urban life.

The new faces of Malmoe have to be taken care of so that they suit people of all social backgrounds. The problems that do exist we must deal with in a fair way. Let us all take care of the city we live in. It’s a city to love and cherish.


//Anders Moberg, November 18th 2012

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