Wise like an owl and tremendous like a deer?


It’s amazing what we humans can do! We fight, slander, wound, rape, maim and kill each other. We cut down woods, poison the oceans and fill the skies with poisonous gasses. Isn’t that fantastic? NOT! Sometimes I wonder what we are doing with the world we live in. Sometimes I feel gloomy when I see what’s happening, and today we also have several serious conflicts in the world going on. It’s said that the media only concentrates on one, two or three conflicts in the world at a time, while in reality many more wars and other destructive things are going on. Now there are fights in Kongo-Rwanda, further democracy demonstrations in Egypt, an unstable cease-fire in the horrible fights between Israel and the Palestinians, civil war in Syria. There are tensions and serious problems because of the economic situation here in Europe and many other parts of the world.

Now you might think that this text will go on complaining and whyning about how horrible things are. Forget that. It won’t. Even though we humans have destroyed a lot, and continue to do so, we also have many tremendous good assets and skills. Our capacity to invent things apart from weapons and tools for torture. When we see things change we try to adapt and invent new things, re-cycle and build novel variations on older ideas and objects in order to survive and excell. We work together in constructive ways and solve problems. I want to see more of that. It doesn’t matter where we are: in Sweden, Pakistan or the USA, in Canada, India, England, Tunisia or France. Everywhere. Be inventive and wise.

We can be wise like the owl. We can see things for what they are even when when it’s dark. We can fly on wings of resourcefulness, on our own sometimes or together when it’s needed. We can stride forward and keep our heads high in pride like a tremendous deer stag. Let’s use the positive sides of our human nature. Let us be wise like the owl!


Anders Moberg, November 26th 2012

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