Human Democracy


The drawing above I made some years ago. It depicts king Solomon, or Shlomo in Hebrew. Real or not real, he has gone down in history mainly for his wisdom. I use that as another metaphor for the wisdom we all have to use in days such as these. On Thursday, April the 1st 2004 I wrote a poem called Human Democracy about the situation in the world. It is just as valid today, if not more. Here it is.

Too many of us humans   are unfair in our judgements,

we never try to learn   of other peoples’ lifes,

or listen to the thoughts   of fellow humans’ statements,

if they are strange to us – we kill them with our knives.


Tribal war, or civil war, or war between some nations,

from this so many suffer   around our fragile earth.

Despotic rulers gain   from unfair regulations,

the prejudice and ignorance   give hatred ruthless birth.


The prejudiced ideas   of things we do not know

are based on evil rumours  when something bad is done.

The knowledge of the facts   are often very low,

with common suppositions    so many of us run.


When unfair things do happen, then people will react,

the unjust rules and cruelty   make people sad and mad.

The power-hungry statesmen between them make a pact,

that common laws of justice   they never really had.


Democracy is meant   to give the people justice,

and rules that are acceptable  by people with a heart.

But many laws of this kind   are never put in practice,

because so many governments  just put them on a chart.


The racism is a problem   between so many groups,

the racist see the others   as creeps of lower value.

In certain cases too    they send their ruthless troops,

but their ideas so twisted    are certainly untrue.


Instead of see the fact   how many common traits,

which link us all together, with culture laid on top,

that we are same and different – diversity he hates.

If this is never realised – the hatred will not stop.


The colour of our skin  is merely superficial,

inside we are the same – of common human race,

To stop the racist war – this view should be official,

respect for different ways   to earn the Lord’s full grace.


Accept our ways and cultures,  abolish our sin,

oppose the unfair things – in every single land!

Defeat the worldly violence, let human fairness win,

avoid the hateful thoughts – stretch out a helping hand!


I hope that these words will seap down into our hearts and souls and make us become better people, as far as it might be possible, even though we are imperfect in our personalities.

Anders Moberg, December 2d 2012




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