A winter to enjoy despite many problems


Thank God I have a positive way of percieving life. I love life, I love humanity and the world we live in. Sometimes though I despair when I see all the problems in society, all the cynicism, the violence, cruelty and evil that our world consists of. It’s tough to lose a job, to become ill, be unemployed, or to have other problems in life. The winter is harsh  and a taker of lifes if you’re left out in the cold. In days of increasing unemployment and cut downs, it’s easy to lose hope and trust. All the same it is very important, even imperative, to never give in struggling forward… to be ambitious and to do one’s best. I have various problems in my life, but so do many others as well. No life is perfect. Luckily I have a certain amount of empathy with others and I know what it means when one has to fight for a better life. Nevertheless my positive attitude to life itself and the world around us is a great asset.To see the beauty in the world. Like the city I live in, Malmoe.

The city I live in is Sweden’s third largest, but still fairly small. It was founded during the 13th century and became an important merchant city during the 16th century. Some of the buildings in the original central parts are from that period, but also from later epoques until today. I love strolling round town, taking in everything I see, big and small. Even though I know my city well after 17 years I never grow tired of enjoying it. I love many other parts of our world too, like meeting different people and to see places.

Now the winter has come to Sweden and to Malmoe.  In the park opposite my house the snow covers the ground like a carpet of whitewash. It’s a beautiful sight that fills me with virility and joy. In a couple of hours I have some important errands to make, and different things to prepare, but for now I just enjoy the scenery. In many of my texts I describe the various problems in society, unemployment, economy, wars, famine, domestic violence etc, but only to write about problems might have a negative effect on life. We must have a good way of seeing life to move on. We must love ourselves and others. We can’t love everyone, that’s virtually impossible, but the respect for life, our own life and others is of the essence. This is not just rhetoric – it’s a way of coping with life. Listen in your own inner voice, finding your strength, even when we’re tired, sad or angry, allow ourselves to be small and weak sometimes to be able to gather strength. The times are harsh, and we must be humble enough to see the many aspects that the troubled times have and the reasons behind those problems. Still…Try to enjoy life if you can and do what’s feasible to achieve goodness, joy and improvements. Life is too short not to. Have a nice day.

Anders Moberg, December 6th 2012

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