Being humble and ambitious

ImageIt’s early morning, December 7th 2012, and it’s still dark outside. Despite the blueblack sky outside the window I have a positive feeling in my guts and and a just as positive attitude to the coming day. Soon the sun will rise and with it a beautiful day…cold, but beautiful. These last days I’ve written about the difficult times, about unemployment, cut-downs, and the severe times. In days such as these it’s of the utmost importance to take things as they come, to plan ahead, be earnest and true to oneself and one’s surroundings when we move forward. In the meeting with people it’s vital to treat them with dignity and respect, no matter who they are. It could be your neighbour, your employer, colleague, potetential colleague or employer, your friend, wife, girlfriend or any other fellow human being. We all like being treated with respect and to be treated that way. This is easy to comprehend and no obsolete matter. The picture I’ve chosen today depicts a bowing young man in early 17th century clothes. The way to show courtesy may seem obsolete, but it still is a clear sign to everyone that if we want to do well one way of doing it is to be polite. Even if we’re good at things and must be allowed to show our pride and to excell, we must also keep in mind that other people are just as good, and maybe even better, or at least good at other things that we don’t know. Life itself is like a rollercoaster with its ups and downs. To move on we must be allowed to simply be ordinary human beings with our weaknesses and frailties, and various personalities, and in tough times also be able to help each other in different ways. 

However, even though it’s good to remember that we’re mortal and to show some humility, it is just as important to be resourceful and ambitious. We might be good at different things, but irrespective of our profession or our line of work we must be acquiescent in relation to bosses, colleagues and clients and to do our absolute best to achieve something good. If you have a company of your own you have to keep busy constantly to survive. We can’t afford to be lazy bums any of us. In today’s harsh climate we must be ambitious and service-minded. At the same time we must also have the right to oppose injustices and maltreatments when they occur. If we can’t do that nothing will develop and improve, but only go downwards, we can be assured of that. To be bullied or treated like a slave is undignified and wrong and only proves that certain companies abuse the situation and the people they employ. It’s so much better to have a good attitude to the employees and show that you like them and approve of their hard work in a positive, non-bullying way. That way an employer will get a general good atmosphere and employees who likes working and loyal to the company they work for. The other way round the employee has to prove his or her worth to do a good job. Whatever your situation right now. Do your utmost to continue forward. Tomorrow I will discuss the importance of keeping an open mind, to be resourceful, inventive and that the best help sometimes comes from unexpected directions. Until then… Have a good Friday.

Anders Moberg, December 7th 2012


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