Combat our inner dragon of fear and resentment


What do I mean with this picture? Well, I do not mean that we should go out slaying dragons. That would be a bit ridiculous and unrealistic. So what do I mean? The dragon here will in this context represent the various inner and outer problems we have to deal with in our everyday lifes. To make improvements always starts with ourselves and our personal inner development. To make changes and improvements in our personalities is often much more difficult than blaming things in our surroundings, our family, school mates, teachers, employers, ex-partners, the government etc. In a situation of conflict it is always easier to point the real or imaginary weapon against the presumed threat, than to sit down, discuss and try to find solutions that will solve the conflict in a more constructive and positive way. There are conflicts everywhere, from domestic quarrels concerning  tidying up, time schedules and family economy to demonstrations in the streets, quarrels and conflicts in Parliaments, power struggles and war zones. People get hurt or killed every day in a world that now is in uproar. Some people thrive from war and conflicts. They love conflicts, fuelling our minds with spite, fear and hatred. They earn lots of money on it and the war industry contributes to even more havoc.

Now our world is troubled with social injustices, high unemployment rates, bad economies, savings, cut-downs and social turmoil. This creates a foundation for increased poverty, extremism, violent rebellions, oppression, surveilance, as well as devious, subtle attacks on our infra-structures and personal lifes from hackers and evil-minded people. We also have to deal with a more dangerous and tricky weather system which creates many problems for us to solve.

There’s a harsh competition about existing jobs, a cynicism and increasing trend of using and abusing people in a tough and hardened social climate. That’s a big shame, since we really ought to find new ways of co-operation and building of infrastructure, wellfarebuilding, health care and education in a modern and structured way. This goes for Sweden where I live, Malmoe as a city, for the ruling Swedish government, for the Swedish police force, social authorities and for ordinary people. This also goes for most populations and people all over the world, and even though we have different skin colours, laws, religions and traditions we still deep down all are human beings. No one wants to be ill treated, to be called nick-names, to be bullied, harrassed, complained about, hurt or used. We all want dignified lifes, but here and there forces do what they can to oppress and hurt others. Diplomacy and good efforts for creating improvements for more people, irrespective of background in a real way are destroyed. The enclavisation, where groups with similar interests and values are taking shape more vividly, creating the us-and-them feeling even more. You might define yourself as conservative, liberal, socialist, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Swedish, Danish, Brittish. You might call yourself Lebanese, Chinese, teacher, politician, IT-technician, web designer or farmer. This enclavisation leads us back to the picture above. Why? The fear of what we don’t recognise and know so much about, the ignorance, resentment, suspicion, prejudiced notions and fears make “the other group”, into the dragon, the danger. Instead we ought to continue finding positive, peaceful solutions, a better way to find economic improvements and co-operation for a better world as much as is possible. Spite, mockery, oppression, cynicism and evil won’t be the solution. Wisdom, fairness and co-operation will.

Anders Moberg, December 12th 2012

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