Merry Christmas

Yes, we’re still here. The domesday prophets were wrong – again. There’s no need to cry wolf, and even if there are several hardships in this life, and things in our world that we have to be cautious with and aware of plausible real dangers, we have to stand our ground with both feet steady in the soil in order to make our potential best for living in the present world and prepare for the future. The problems in our world do exist in legio, the loss of employments and cut-downs in our infrastructure, exclusion of various individuals and groups in society, cynical and evil ways of treating each other or coping with life and war-mongering.

The protests against the sexual harrassments on internet in Gothenburg this week continued. In contrast to the riots about 100 people gathered two days ago in central Gothenburg to protest peacefully against the sexism and harrassments on internet. That was a good initiative. After the horrendous gang rape of a young woman in New Delhi last weekend the protests in India have been enormous. Many women especially have been furious for obvious reasons, and the life of the attacked young woman is destroyed, her feelings and her body. Many in India now want death penalties for rapists. Better and more affectionate forms of love and desire is needed in India and everywhere else to improve the relationships between the sexes.

Yesterday a man in Berlin, Germany, attacked a bank and took one of the employees as a hostage. After a while the man surrendered to the police. Why did he do this? Maybe this was another effect of the ongoing crisis in society, and the devestating effects it has on many people’s economy and general life. In Alexandria, Egypt, people were fighting each other and many were wounded in the struggle for a real democracy in the country. Today it’s the second round of the referendum concerning a new constitution. Muhammed Mursi has support from mainly the Muslim Brotherhood, but the more liberal forces, the different ethnic and religious minorities and the women of the country have many things to fear if Mursi’s suggestions win. I hope for Egypt’s sake that the more liberal and modern groups will get the upper hand, even if it looks gloomy.

Despite all the problems that exist we still have to believe in the positive aspects of being human. We can be loving, we can be caring, we can be gentle and helpful, even if we also must have our limitations to survive as individuals. Now it’s Christmas time. Many people prepare for the holidays and for celebrating in one way or the other. So will I. This is the last text for a few days. I will return with new blog texts in about a week. Now I will make my own preperations for Christmas, meet a dear friend I haven’t seen for a long time and other things to make the Christmas holidays a good time to socialise with my kin and others. Love and respect to you all.

Anders Moberg, December 22d 2012

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