A New Year ahead


A new year ahead of us. It’s now 2013 and just as the tracks in the snow it will lead us in different directions. Just as in the picture above this year will reach out in many branches to make us grow in various ways. The times are harsh, and because of the many conflicts in this world, economic crisis etc. it will be a tough year in many ways. Here in Malmoe the hospital is in alarming condition, and because of the many cut-downs, they can’t guarantee the safety of the patients. Cut-down on nurses, doctors and medical equipment, wards shut-down creates a dangerous situation. The increased unemployment, the cynical rogue companies that abuse the situation, a growing cynicism also within different authorities contribute to a vicious circle which must be broken in order to improve the situation in both the Swedish society and many other parts of the world. People hold on to their money or jeopordize things in desperate attempts to succeed.

At the same time things are changing. There is a greener movement, and a growing awareness of how important it is to show empathy, care, understanding and love for one another. A certain amount of individual pride of one’s own value is always good, ambition, hard work depending on individual skills, education and personal development too. As long as it doesn’t lead to blunt narcissism, this inner development and resourcefulness is prosperous for us as human beings. This “egoistic” drive must be combined with affection and care: care of one’s own situation, care about others, care about our natural resources and the world we live in. When it comes to love there are many forms of love: love for oneself and love for the family belonging, love for the place we live in and national pride. The love for friends and partners. There’s affection and erotic love. When it comes to erotic love it’s important though that limits and mutual respect is involved. For example a no must be a no, and accepted as such to prevent rapes. Human dignity and a balance of personal values must also be woven into it, so that that kind of love won’t lead to abuse. The gang rapes in Indian New Delhi recently has risen a furious wave against sexual violence, and those protests are a good thing. I have said it before and I say it again: as a heterosexual man I have a responsibility not to rape or buy prostitutes. But that also goes for all other men too in this world. Let mutual affection, mutual respect and mutual care about each other be combined with a balanced eroticism, and where there isn’t none, just let it be. Our world needs a positive development, not a bad one. So let 2013 as much as possible develop into a year of focus, awareness, inner and outer development, affection, care, erotic and non-erotic love. We need a better world.

Anders Moberg, January 3d 2013.







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