Swedish judicial system hitting down hard on organised crime


Today I read in the paper about how Swedish police and the taxation authorities in recent years began to hit down hard on organised crime. The headline in today’s Metro was “Irriterade när vi driver in deras guldkedjor”, “Irritated when we confiscate their golden chains”. I was very pleased when I read this, since I can’t abide crime and gangster success.  I’m also annoyed that a devious gangster romanticism has succeeded in seeping into lots of popular culture.

The Swedish police’s and taxation authorities’ struggle against organised crime is beginning to pay off. Last year more than 700 individuals and companies were caught in the web, after special economic surveys. Together the tax evasion amounts to ca 1.1 billion Swedish kronor/crowns. Criminal gangs, known gangsters and their connections are very annoyed when the authorities take their fancy cars, golden chains, jewellary and other assets. The Swedish authorities began their co-operation to combat organised crime in 2008. A struggle I gladly support.

In 2011 the survey led to in all 200 years in prison for the convicted people involved. Bit by bit, Swedish and international police together with the other authorities have succeeded in confiscating the illegal property from people who are dealing with the shady business: be it drugs, prostitution, cigarettes, robbery, human trafficking, “protection” money, internet scams etc. We have to consider that these crimes not are simple offences, but really serious felonies. Many of the people involved are known by the police and exist in the criminal records. Sometimes it’s a question of “only” juvenile crime, young boys and girls attracted by living on the edge, but most convicted people here are adults between 20 and 50 years old. The types of crime that these people are guilty of vary: bribery, embezzlement, fraud, blackmail, burglary, drug dealing, pimping and “black” work, that is work without taxation. Sometimes the police get calls from people who ask them to scrutinize this company or that, it could be a competing gangster who don’t like the competition, someone who’s been fooled or want to get out of crime, or just ordinary people who’re angry with how these criminals live their lifes.

In November 2012 I wrote about crime prevention, and what we can do to participate in preventing crime from happening. That text has also been surveyed and accepted by Swedish police. The following texts about men’s violence against women and gender inequalities are also meant to educate and inspire readers in this more positive development. When it comes to the struggle against organised crime and their illegal flamboyent life style the Tax department in 2012 handed in about 500 cases to the Swedish Crown Prosecution Service. This year that amount will rise even more, and I hope they will succeed.

It must pay off to work legally, but for that also changes in society must be made so that we might live dignified lifes, earn money and even get rich within limitations. However, money can’t buy real happiness, even if it helps. The attitudes and human interaction is just as essential. So let us all do what we can in Sweden and in other countries to create societies with a loving care for human kind.

Anders Moberg, January the 8th 2013.

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