On November 11th 2003 I wrote yet another one of my poems about human behaviour, called “Respect”. I had a period during 2003 and 2004 when I wrote several poems on that theme. This is how it goes:

Respect is not an easy thing

to get or give for real.

At weddings with a golden ring –

the obvious marriage seal.

The Latin word is wealthy,

and means to “see the other”.

It’s really very healthy

when we can really bother.

Too many think we get

respect by simple threats,

intimidating actions set

and killing someone’s pets.

Be feared this way is one thing,

perhaps you get some power,

but real respect and understanding

is built as highest tower.

The tower of affection

is strong and true in essence.

With care in our perplexion,

our loving face and presence.

Sometimes we maybe quarrel,

are angry, sad or worried.

Gather feelings like a squirrel,

find cruelty immensely horrid.

We see the vast diversity

in human forms and shapes.

Perhaps we feel perplexity,

in connection with the apes.

It’s crucial to be humble,

be wise, humane and confident.

If not – we only stumble,

fall down, ’cause we’re incompetent.

Respect the different backgrounds,

in culture, wealth and everything.

Then our voice of wisdom sounds,

when human unity we’ll bring.

Those were my thoughts in that poem.

Anders Moberg, January the 20th 2013.

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