Happy Valentine


Today is Saint Valentine’s Day, a day that for a long time has been associated with romance, love and courting. It’s named after one of those men called Valentine in the 3d and 4th centuries A.D. who were canonised and later called saints. Which one of them is unclear. During the Middle Ages people in England and France began associating this day in the calender named after Saint Valentine with these above mentioned positive notions. It is said that it may had to do with that birds at this time of year began courting, and the youngsters got influenced by it and started talking about who would get who within the next coming year. The tradition with commemorating the love and signs of affection for a partner in love has developed over time, especially in Anglosaxon and Francophone countries and colonies.

Especially during the last 100 – 200 years the tradition with Valentine cards, gifts, flowers etc has become an important issue. Friends are sending each other greetings, men buy flowers and jewellery etc to their wifes, fiancées or girl friends. Many girls and women especially have noticed this day, because of its romantic connotations. The Swedish travelling bureau Fritidsresor/Free time travels has made a survey about what’s most romantic to give on S:t Valentine’s Day, (or Alla Hjärtans Dag/All Hearts’ Day as it’s called in Swedish). 1500 Swedes had replied on the survey, and maybe as a reaction on all the stress involved with being perfect in all situations the immaterial had reached the top of the list: 1) Tenderness and respect 2) A journey for two 3) Time and consideration 4) Safety 5) Breakfast in bed 6) An event for both of them 7) Flowers 8) Beautiful jewellery 9) A luxurious perfume. Now the trend is that the gesture is more important than the material things.

To keep a good relationship it’s of the essence that both parties try to listen in each other, are able to talk about different matters and find the attraction. Try to find the time for each other in the everyday life, sharing responsibilities, mutual trust and respect, experiences, signs of affection and a continued sexlife. The importance though is to try and find a balance in the everyday life. No relationship is perfect, but has its ups and downs, but the intention must be good and sometimes we maybe demand too much. Maybe we ought to be better at relaxing a bit and try to find time for both our own dreams and private life, but also the shared experiences of affection. People has always had those needs all over the world. My drawing above shows one example of that as do my two pictures below. Have a wonderful day. Happy Valentine.

Anders Moberg, February the 14th 2013




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