The world we live in – Worries and Hope


This is a photo that I took yesterday evening on April 21st 2013 of my blog map. It shows the 65 countries worldwide where I now have readers of my blog texts. It will also represent today’s topic: The world we live in – Worries and Hope. When I look out on the world I’m both hopeful and concerned. There are so many of us on this globe, but we waste the natural resources too much and also waste the human resources. What do I mean? As time goes by states, counties, municipalities and some companies either abuse or neglect human resources and competence. We all have different skills and competence and there are so many people both young and older who lack a job today because of a very cynical and cruel thinking. Companies have to cut down and sack lots of people. Other employers sack their employees, but let them apply for their old jobs anew, but to much worse conditions than before. Also whistle-blowers who pinpoint troubles in a company are bullied and harrassed by employers with blinkers for their eyes who don’t want to see where the problems are and neither can take constructive criticism. Nepotism and “party loyalty” sometimes becomes more important than actual skills. Well-educated people are neglected and seen as trouble and a potential threat by some employers instead of seeing how those people might be an important ally or valuable employee when treated well. There isn’t much safety and security anymore. This is very dangerous since it creates a foundation for extremism, skirmishes in society and rebellion in various ways.

There are cut-downs in our well-fare systems, and many lose their livelihood and income. The hospitals can no longer guarantee the safety of their patients, wards are either closed or overcrowded,  there’s not money enough to medical equipment and medicine. At the same time (at least here in Sweden), foreign doctors are welcome to high wages, while the nurses are neglected and extremely stressed. People have died in hospitals in Sweden recently on a scale that we haven’t seen for many decades. And Sweden isn’t alone. Teachers in school are stressed and not given enough time to plan their classes at the same time as the kids are stressed. Fights occur because of all the negligence and the dysfunctional tendencies in society. The teachers used to have high status in this society, but a spite against schools, against teachers and wider knowledge grew among the political élite in Sweden during the 1970’s and 1980’s. We still suffer the consequences of that today. At the same time I get the feeling that there are too many psychopaths in power position who abuse their position and play games with other people’s lives in a very cynical and cruel way.

In today’s society there are people who work and are stressed, because of the heavy burden. Others again are unemployed. Many young people either don’t get the chance to prove their worth, or just get short jobs with insecure contracts and conditions with extremely low wages. Some youngsters try year after year to get an employment, but are cynically turned down. How will they grow up and establish themselves as working people if they don’t get the chance? Also middle-aged people are rejected on the labour-market. They might be well-educated and have been working for years on end, but suddenly they are turned down because they are “unwanted” or “overqualified”. This is such a waste of human resources. So what ought to be done?

  • See the variety of human competence in all ages.
  • Stop saying that you are too young or too old, we all have different perspectives and skills.
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things.
  • Don’t see an ambitious and/or knowledgeable person as a potential threat but an asset.
  • Treat your employees well.
  • Be kind and nice.
  • Try to shape a good climate and working spirit.
  • Avoid sectarian and cynical attitudes in a company. They are destructive.
  • Allow young people in your organisation. They need it to evolve and get chances.
  • Let middle-aged women and men back in after unemployment. They are experienced and skilled.
  • Think outside the box.
  • Listen in people’s dreams and see what various skills they have, also in their freetime. It might be something to develop in the company.
  • Show that you value your employees. That will make them happy and loyal.
  • Let people grow.
  • Don’t be cruel to your employees and don’t try to fool them. That’ll make them illoyal.
  • Think on the environment.
  • Value both women and men alike.
  • Be curious and attentive, but not disrespectful when you meet people.
  • Easen the taxes even more for smaller companies to grow and thrive.
  • Pay people’s wages. We all need to live well.

If we consider these aspects I believe in an improved situation, given time and efforts. We mustn’t give up. We are all valuable.


Anders Moberg, April the 22d 2013









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