A course in social media as working tool


How do we use social media? What is it for? Why should we use it? What does it contain? How can we make progress as individuals, companies or authorities? What are the laws, regulations, dangers and possibilities? These are some of the questions we are dealing with right now. Who are we? We who at the moment are taking a course in social media as a working tool. We learn about different kinds of social media: Facebook, Weblogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube etc. The photo above I took earlier this afternoon, shortly after lunch. Our teacher Marie Doggart at MiROi is good and knows her stuff. She has been working as a media salesman for newspapers earlier in her career, been selling for others too, and has been teaching media courses at MiROi for two years approximately. She’s also administrating a Facebook-page for a sports club where she lives.

The book we are using is called “Marknadsföring och kommunikation i sociala medier – Givande dialoger, starkare varumärke, ökad försäljning”/Marketing and communication in social media – Prosperous dialogues, stronger brands, increased income”. The book is easy to read, written in a pedagogic way, thought-provocative, informative and handy. The author of the book is a woman called Lena Carlsson and it is released at Kreafon Publishing Company. Apart from working with the book we also have lectures with Marie Doggert who goes through information from the book, other sources, especially from the Internet, and her own experiences.


For me who’s been blogging for eleven months tomorrow, been active on Twitter and Facebook since late November 2012, as well as my other earlier experiences many things are known allready, but of course I too learn new things, get insights, new contacts, good pieces of advice, ideas and influences. We who take this course have different backgrounds and been working in various professions: as salesmen and company owners, caretaker/janitor, seamstress, administrator, journalist etc. We might have different backgrounds, but no-one better or worse as individuals or professional people. Our diverse backgrounds also make us a better group, since we give each other different kinds of input. Now and again the discussions are quite animated between us. Sometimes we have lectures and classes with excercises in the class room at MiROi, other days we have home work. Today we were working with LinkedIn. Some of us already had profiles at LinkedIn, and simply got new pieces of advices, new tips how to improve it, how to handle contacts and sharpen our skills. A few others had to create their presence at LinkedIn today. So far we have been working with introductions to different kinds of social media, then more specifically with Facebook, Viral connections, B2B, B2C, strategies, laws, regulations, dangers and opportunities. We have also been working with blogs and now LinkedIn. We will also learn about Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. That is the agenda.



The idea is to use these skills at a company, an authority, an association or as entrepreneur, depending on who we are and what we want. Our drive, ambition, sense for social codes and professsional values will help us get there and help the company improving their policy, their attraction on customers, good will and progress. We have the ability and will to do it, thanks to MiROi, thanks to Marie, to ourselves and each other. No man is an island, entire in itself. Bridges must be built and our skills taken care of for the common good, each other and our own good. A pleased co-worker or employee becomes loyal and makes the association, company, authority more easily prosperous. Isn’t that a good thing?

Anders Moberg, October 3d 2013

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