Blinding hatred


What power in our world makes all us humans blind?
It leads to destruction and cruel and hard demise.
Hatred it is called, which brings the wild and warlike mind,
and struck our kins with pain – hostility unwise.

When prejudice and greed are rulers of our ways

with blinkers for our eyes to stop a clear, wise view

that we are so alike, and wisdom put in place,
then hate destroys our fortune, what’s sound and what is true.

The greedy men they covet, and all the power seek,
and wish to rule as all – neglect a life in peace.
They walk upon our corpses, the ferocious and the meek,
usurp our realms for wars, compassion they will tease.

To lure us into wars, they fool us to hate others.
They fill us with their lies, and justice always smothers.
Since far way back in time – millennia in abundance –
we humans covet prejudice, and hateful words we spread.
Compassion though is strong, which gives the healing chance,
has also been there always – since we gave neighbours bread.
When humans knowledge seek, each other get to know
they crush the hateful mind so loving care might win,
and not our fellows burn, but understanding grow,
then wisdom in us all will help us see our kin.

The ugly face of racism, exaggerated polemic
which hates the various ways in culture, tongue, complexion,
the haters see it simple, believes in ruthless trick
that they’re always right – put others in bad section.
Among the humans all – in every single group,
we must defy the mental and military troup!!

(The poem “Hatet som förblindar” originally written by me the night to Sunday November 16th 2003, and which I translated into English on Sunday, September 13th 2009).


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