Christmas sing-along in Höganäs




Yesterday I had been invited by some friends of mine to join them for a small Christmas feast and in the evening go to a Christmas sing-along at Tivolihuset in Höganäs. Höganäs is situated in North-Western Scania, while I live in the South-West. It was a very enjoyable day and also the 80 minute Gospel concert. It was the first time in Höganäs, but the Gospel choir One Nation founded in 2006 had lots of experience. Two nights ago they had had their performance in Helsingborg and last night in Höganäs. Their leader Jonas Engström was in 1994 piano-player at Glimåkra Folk High School, and then he moved to Stockholm. In the capital city he was the conductor of the Credo Choir, and project leader of Stockholm Gospel. The Gospel Music as a genre began really in Chicago, USA during the 1930’s, even if the roots are much older than that. In 2009 Jonas Engström was involved in European Gospel Music Symposium in Krakow, Poland.

Now his choir One Nation,, had come to perform in Höganäs. It was a brilliant concert. They began with a medley of several famous songs. Then the concert was divided in sections. Not only did the choir sing, but also we in the audience were asked to sing along so most of the lyrics were shown on a big screen on stage.The concert as a whole was a combination of joy, funny jokes, great voices, solo perfermances and choir brilliance. The songs chosen were Gospels, songs from Disney movies, and Christmas carrols. It was a very nice show and I really enjoyed it. We were singing pieces like: Silent Night, O what a night, When you wish upon a star, Hosanna, Gloria in Excelsis, and Holy Night. If you haven’t heard this choir singing I suggest that you try to do that. They know what they are doing. Enjoyable!

Anders Moberg, December 16th 2013


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