An October concert



It was a beautiful Autumn evening that Friday night on October 10th this 2014 when I was walking to a concert in central Malmö. I had recieved the invitation from one of the women who was going to perform that night – Tanja Naranjo, singer, composer and piano player born in Chile, but living since several years back here in Malmö. I  can’t say that I know her very well, but I have met Tanja on a few occassions and have her as friend on Facebook. The first time I met her about ten years ago she was having music courses for pupils at the school where I used to teach. She had invited me now to one of her concerts that she was going to have together with another exquisite female musician, Minna Weurlander who plays the accordion.

Minna Weurlander was born in Finland in 1973 and began playing at the age of four. When she was 14 years old Minna started at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland. She plays everything from Bach to modern classics, Finnish tango and Argentinian tango nuevo. The classical accordion player Astor Piazzolla has been one of her inspirations, and Minna has also won The Astor Piazzolla Award together with Trio Fatale consisting of Minna herself, piano player Berit Johansson Tange and cellist Berit Hessing. The trio was formed in 1997. You find more information about Minna Weurlander on, and might reach her on

Minna and Tanja crossed paths some years ago and began a friendship via their love for tango nuevo. Tanja Naranjo’s debut CD was called “La industria del miedo” which was recorded at the STC Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark. Tanja too has been working with a trio called Tanja Naranjo Latin Trio, consisting of Tina Quartell on drums, Mats Ingvarsson on bass and herself. You find more about Tina on and reach her on  In August 2012 Tanja was performing on Faeroe Islands at the festival “Súmmartonar” and in October the same year at the Ethorera Festival in Poland. In 2013 she was playing at the European Festival of the Night. She is used to touring both Europe and Latin America.



These two women have been performing together for some time now as “Duo Naranjo-Weurlander”, and are co-operating very well together. The music they play is a combination of tango nuevo classics and pieces they compose themselves. Tanja Naranjo and Minna Weurlander both have a passion and intensity in their musical performances. They seem to be musical souls and kindred spirits in how they combine their individuality and inspiring each other at the same time.  The combination of Chile and Finland is exquisite, no doubt.

They now have released a new CD named “Entwinedand have begun a European tour with their music, starting here in Malmö. In November 2014 they will continue in Paris, France and then move on to Hamburg, Germany. The following concerts will be held in Strömstad, the Danish capital Copenhagen, then touring Sweden with concerts in Eksjö, Sävsjö, Värnamo, Vetlanda, Huskvarna, Nässjö och Gislaved.

At the Victoria Theatre/Victoriateatern Duo Naranjo-Weurlander had a great performance. I arrived there around 7.10 pm and took my seat. It was a picknick concert so the guests were bringing food and drink which we were eating and drinking while we listened to the performing artists. By the table next to mine were three Finns enjoying the perfomance. On February 17th 2012 journalist Alexander Agrell wrote a music review in the newspaper Sydsvenskan/the South Swede about this duo. Translated into English he wrote: “Beauty and drama in intense coexistence. Here the rhythm and combined tones never fail… Naranjo’s composition “Andes” was very beautiful with harmonies and a feeling which had lots in common with Piazzolla’s tango nuevo”. After having listened to Tanja and Minna performing on October 10th I can only agree that these ladies really know what they are doing. The two hour concert including a fifteen minute break was well worth the money and honey for the ears and soul.

As I walked back to Gustav Adolfs torg to take the bus home my mind was filled with the beautiful music which was well combined with the feeling and air of that night.

Anders Moberg, October 24th 2014




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