Serving our Messiah Yeshu’a

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The Heavenly ladder I caught on camera, Friday, November 17th 2017, at 4.10 pm.

What you see here is a vision I caught on camera on November 17th 2017 and which was visible for about 2–5 seconds before it vanished. I saw this vision on my way home from work in late afternoon. This Heavenly ladder which reminded me of Jacob’s ladder mentioned in Genesis 28: 10-15 was the first Divine miracle I caught on camera. However, this was not the first miraculous experience I’ve had in my life. I’ve had some fantastic experiences  and this is a summary of my story of how I became a servant of our Messiah Yeshu’a = Jesus.

I was born in Kristianstad in southern Sweden in January 1966 into a well-educated family  consisting of professors, engineers, M. Sc’ s, MBA’s, teachers, nurses etc. They were and still are mainly agnostic or atheist in their world-view which is very common here in Sweden. All the same I got baptized as a baby the first time, and went through the church confirmation later at the age of 15.  I loved it when my teacher in the first grade read about Mary and her donkey, the Holy Family and from the Children’s Bible, but I was not really a believing child, or was encouraged by my parents to be God-believing. I was a kind-hearted boy, but had a hot temper and often ended up in fights.

Nevertheless this was going to take a dramatic turn after a day in school in the eighth grade. It was around 4.30 pm, the school day was over one Tuesday in October 1980. I was 14 years old at the time and was standing talking with my youth leader in a class room on the third floor. Suddenly there came an immense and powerful, invisible force which pushed me to the stone floor. I hit my knees on the floor without hurting them and fell on my back. As I was lying there and saw my youth leader’s feet I felt how my soul somehow was lifted up and out of my body. Then I saw with my inner eye quite clearly how big, golden gates slowly opened up, out came a radiant light and in that light was Jesus standing with open arms. There the vision ended. All of this might have taken a minute or so. On shaky legs I sat on a chair and began to pray earnestly for the first time in my life. My youth leader who had witnessed what physically happened to me prayed with me when I told him what I had just seen. Suddenly I heard a voice which whispered in my ear that this was bull-shit. I remember answering: “I know who you are: Go back to where you came from”.  Then I took the bus home and told my parents and my sister who couldn’t take in what I just had experienced. I have always felt loved and respected by my family and relatives, even though they so far haven’t been able to comprehend my supernatural experiences.

The next morning, it was a Wednesday, I came to school as a changed boy. I stopped fighting, became calm, started to argue instead, and got a small pocket Bible which I was reading during the breaks in school. I got harrassed, bullied and beaten for my faith in Jesus. Immediatelly after I had had my vision from the Lord I began drawing and painting pictures of scenes from the Bible. The Lord has given me the talent to express myself in pictures and words as a painter, writer and teacher. During my days in lower and upper secondary school as a teenager I was still searching for a suitable way of shaping my faith.

When I was 19 years old I was admitted as a student at Lund University. I studied Modern Hebrew for 3 years, then also Bible Hebrew, Ancient Canaanite and Judaica. Furthermore Comparative Religion for 2 years, and Arabic for 1,5 years. At the age of 21 I travelled to Israel and went round the country as a tourist and used that Hebrew I so far had learned. All through the years after that I have taken a stand against Anti-Semitism in different ways.

All the same I began to backslide as a Christian and for over 20 years I almost never opened the Bible or prayed. In the summer of 2017 I began to feel that something was drying up spiritually and which needed refilling. I went to the Swedish church without getting my spiritual thirst quenched,  and I also went to the Liberal Jewish congregation in Lund a few times. During Yom Kippur on Saturday, September 30th 2017 I was given the opportunity to read some of the text portion from the Torah scrolls, since I both read and speak Hebrew and also am a Weinberg on my mother’s side of the family. The chazzan thought that I was kosher enough, so I put on a talit gadol = prayer shawl, made aliya and went up to read from the Torah. During that autumn I also had some other more mystical,  spiritual experiences from the dark side which tried to get hold of me and evil entities were watching my moves. That worried me a lot at the time. It was during that period that I suddenly saw the ladder on the sky on November 17th and I felt the Lord’s calling in my soul. I began praying every day and reading the Bible every day. When I did that the dark spirits whom had watched me closely for a time vanished and Jesus came nearer.

The great commission from Yeshu’a = Jesus came down in my soul in early December 2017 and I realised that He was speaking to me as well. At the end of the gospels we can read what he said before ascending back into Heaven: “All power is given to me in Heaven and in Earth. Go therefore  and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of  the Holy Spirit.  Teach them to observe all things which I have commanded you, and behold, I am with you always until the end of the world”. When I heard those words again His message really sunk in. I have to become active as a modern day disciple and work for the Lord Yeshu’a in order to get to Heaven, especially since He has shown Himself to me in a vision and called me the first time already as a teenager. I must stand up for my faith and for Yeshu’a = Jesus. He sacrificed Himself on the cross to wash away our mistakes and sins and cover them with His precious blood. His real name in Hebrew is Yeshu’a which means YHWH’s Salvation. Every time we read that word Salvation in Tana’kh,(i.e. The Old Testament), among the prophets, the five books of Moses and in the Book of Psalms it is actually talking about and prophesying about Him. Salvation means that we get saved. Saved from what you may ask? Saved from Satan’s treacherous, alluring traps and the final punishment in the lake of fire.  I have once heard his dark, evil laughter close behind my back as I was in sin one day, even though it looked like I was alone in the room. We must confess our sins to Yeshu’a, acknowledge Him as our Lord and Saviour and repent from our sins. What does the word repent and repentance mean? It means that we must stop doing the sins and turn away from them. Some sins are easy to quit doing, but other bad habits is a longer process to overcome… But they must be overcome and stop. It could concern anything: idolatry, lying, hatred, pride, narcissism, unforgiveness, envy, gossiping, infidelity in marriage/relationship, watching porn, stealing, greed,  shop-lifting, wife-battering, using and selling drugs, abuse and killing. Yeshu’a wants us to behave well, to be humble and honour God by being loving and caring in our relationship to God, and in our interhuman relationships.

The Saturday January 6th 2018 I was sitting in my office in my flat on the fourth floor around 6.30 in the evening. Suddenly I felt strongly in my entire body that someone or something outside was watching me. I rose from my chair, went out into the living room, picked up the camera and walked out in the kitchen. I directed the camera out of the window and through the camera lense I saw a yellowish spirit being hovering above the roof of the neighbour house for about five minutes before it flew away up to the left. I sensed that the Holy Spirit had urged me to look out and that I saw some kind of Heavenly creature guarding me. I also sensed in my soul a calling: “Anders! We are watching you! Start working for Yeshu’a”! I felt that I needed a church with a strong missionary work. On the Internet I had found SOS Church Malmö and three days later I came to Bethlehem Church where SOS Church Malmö use to have most of their services. “I want to get baptized I said and that also happened the Sunday January the 28th 2018. “Who is the Lord in your life?” “Jesus”! I answered. “According to your own confession and in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit I now baptize you” Christian Folkesson said who then dipped me backwards into the water. When I came back up I raised my arms in joy!


My baptism, Sunday, January the 28th 2018.

About three weeks after my water baptism, in the middle of February 2018, I was lying awake in my bed one night about 2 o’ clock. I was lying on my back praying and sending up praise and prayers of thanks to the Lord. Suddenly my heart began beating quicker and louder. Then came waves of really strong love which flowed through my body three times from head to toe, and  just after those love waves I felt how someone lovingly patted my belly. I believe that God wanted to encourage me and telling me that I was on the right path. A few months later I heard a story from another man in the congregation that he too had experienced  waves of love from the Lord.

I began my walk with the Lord as an active member of SOS Church Malmö.  Here is a short video presentation, about 40 seconds long, about the church I am active in today:


Here you see me shortly after serving in church one Sunday in October 2018. Most people had left, but our services are usually filled with churchgoers, because we have a warm and accepting atmosphere full of the Love of Yeshu’a = Jesus. 

I go to church service, participate in prayer meetings, am active in the church service team and from the Spring 2018 active as a street missionary in the congregation street team. In April 2018 I felt how the Holy Spirit urged me to make contact with the Messianic Jews in Israel and to go there in the summer. So I did. I looked up suitable congregations on the Internet and sent them requests, whereupon I got personal invitations. I booked a hotel room in Tel Aviv and bought tickets to and from Israel. I felt how God was with me on that journey. As I was standing outside my home on the pavement about 4 in the middle of the night between July 21st and 22d 2018 waiting for a taxi, the taxi I waited for didn’t show up. When I called the taxi company they hadn’t made a note of my order. What should I do? I began to pray: “Dear Lord! Help me! I need a taxi to get away on my journey”.  It took about two minutes before an empty taxi came and picked me up in the middle of the night on that otherwise empty street. As I sat down beside the taxi driver I thanked the Lord. “Thank you, Lord Yeshu’a! You really want me to go on this journey”. I was in Israel for nine days and visited Israel College of the Bible in Netanya with the media mission project One For Israel. They have both Messianic Jewish and Christian Arab students as well as co-workers, and now also international missionary teams. Some of them spread the gospel here in Sweden in May 2019. Hallelu-Yah! At Israel College of the Bible I had a personal meeting with Moti Vaknin. In Israel I also had a meeting with Avi Mizrachi, founder of the congregation Adonay Roi = “The Lord is my Shepherd” in Tel Aviv, which I also visited during shabbat service. I went to shabbat service also with Tiferet Yeshu’a = “The Glory of Jesus” which was very nice.  When I was visiting Tiferet Yeshu’a a friend of mine back in Sweden was praying for me. She told me later that as she was praying she saw me in the prayer surrounded by angels. I had a meeting with Ari Sorko-Ram, founder of Maoz Israel, and even went to Jerusalem. In Jerusalem I was praying at the Western Wall and then walked to the garden Gath Shmanim on the Mount of Olives where Yeshu’a was praying when he was arrested and later crucified.  Then I had some lunch in the ultra-orthodox quarters and also went to the King of Kings Community for another Messianic service. During my stay in Israel I even had some dinner with a Messianic Jewish friend from Rehovot.

IMG_9351 (2)

Here I am standing at the Jerusalem beach in Tel Aviv with Yaffo in the background, located south of the city of Tel Aviv. To the right you see some of the Mediterranean Sea. Thursday, July the 26th 2018.

When I had come back home to Sweden we had a house group / life group on August 30th. There we gather in smaller circles for prayer, Bible teaching, singing praise and socialising. That evening when we had been watching a program with a so called Alpha course about Christian belief, my pastor Andreas Jensen asked if anyone wanted to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. I knew that I hadn’t had that baptism yet so I raised my hand. Christian Folkesson, another of the leaders, came up to me, put his hands on my shoulders and began praying. Woom!! The Holy Spirit immediately filled my body and I began to pray and speak in tongues loud and clear. I had never done that before. The Holy Spirit filled me completely with  a combination of happiness, joy, awe and fear of the Lord, and then extreme happiness again. I fell on my knees on the living room floor, prayed and prayed for minutes on end. My pastor smiled as he watched me kneeling in his living room.

A few days earlier another thing happened at the end of my working day. I had been trying to help an unemployed Muslim woman finding a job. I had given her some pieces of advice and also printed six possible job adverts which I gave to her. At the end of the day I said to her: “I will pray to Jesus that you will get a job”. She looked at me in surprise, and then she told me that the night to the day before she had had a vivid dream where she had got the message that a man would come and pray for her. The next day I came along and said that I would pray for her, which I also did. This happened on August 27th 2018. On Sunday September 19th yet another odd supernatural thing occured. I had met this Lebanese guy a few days earlier and invited him to church. He came with his sister and mother. During the service his sister Mireille recieved Jesus, and then she told me that a female friend of hers two weeks before had had a vision where she saw a man with my looks whom could help her Mireille finding a new path in life. Then suddenly I was standing there in front of her. On October 4th I also got a message from the Lord. The Holy Spirit urged me to write a book containing Christian/Messianic testimonies. I was given some instructions and obeyed. I wrote that book during approximately three months, began with my own life story, and collected stories from nine other Christians as well as Messianic Jews and interviewed them. Now the book called “Lev livet i ljuset” = Live the Life in the Light” is waiting for publication.

Furthermore I try to keep the Sabbath day holy, that is from Friday evening to Saturday evening. I use to light and bless the shabbat candles, bless the alcohole free wine and bless and break the bread whereupon I have a shabbat meal. Then I try to rest and remember the seventh day of the week which is Saturday. At the end of the 4th century the Catholic church changed the churchgoing and resting day from Saturday to Sunday, but by doing so they went against the message in the Holy Scripture. However, the Lord Yeshu’a is Lord of the shabbat, and the general message is that we should rest on the seventh day, but Yeshu’a also said that we might do holy things on that day, such as saving lives or curing illnesses.

I am also very active now in a group called Street Church. Active Christians from different congregations gather in Malmö since 2002 every second Friday evening and go out together evengalizing in the streets of Malmö. Since this is done on ‘erev shabbat = sabbath evening, that is Friday evening, we must keep in mind that we are doing this for the Heavenly Kingdom in honour  of the Lord. We dress in waist coats with the words Street Church and talk to passers-by about Jesus and the faith in our Saviour.  He loves us and wants us all to get saved. He loves you too, dear reader, and if you haven’t recieved Yeshu’a = Jesus as your Saviour it is high time. Do not wait! It is not a question of religion or religious cermonies or power structure, It’s a question of creating and maintaining a relationship with our Saviour. A daily walk, a humble honouring and praying talk with the Most High Creator of the Universe. Yeshu’a is the Way, the Truth and the Life! Search for him and He will find you! Do it honestly and with all your heart! It is worth it!


Some of us active in Street Church standing at Möllevångstorget = The Mill Field Square in Malmö, Friday August the 16th 2019.

Anders Moberg, August the 26th 2019.




14 thoughts on “Serving our Messiah Yeshu’a

  1. Inspired
    Remain blessed ÆMEN

  2. Jag har läst detta två gånger och försöker skriva kommentar jag hittar inga ord att beskriva vad jag känner .jag har upplevt sånt två gånger i mitt liv , en gång i kriget 1973 när jag såg en luddigt eller suddigt figur utanför vår skyddsrum i Mt Hermon under kriget ,jag gick bort ditt att se va det var och då sälde det och alla 7 soldater som var med mig dog av raketen,men jag konstigt nog överlevde det hela med små skador jag tittade upp mot himelen och sa “thank you who ever you are that made me go in in the last secend” fem år senare jag var vid Jordanfloden och skulle bada med vänner då kom den där luddiga figuren igen ,jag sa till mina vänner kom vi måste ta skydd, och då smälde det bara 100 meter därifrån ,

    • Tusen tack för denna kommentar, Amnon. Hallellu-Yah! Fascinerande att Yeshu’a har räddat livet på dig två gånger under dramatiska förhållanden! Prisad vare Gud! Garanterat vandrar Han intill dig och med dig än idag, Amnon!

  3. Anders, thank you for sharing your blog and this post/testimony with me. I was pleased to see names like Ari Soko-Ram & Maoz, Avi Mizrachi, the congregation in Tel Aviv and Ron Cantor all of who’s ministry we here in Cleveland, Ohio are proud to financially support. May you keep drawing nearer to Yeshua and work for Him, and the Good News, to the Jew first and also to the non-Jew.

    • Thank you for this comment, Eric. Yes, I feel very blessed and my hope is that my testimony will be shared widely and inspire firm believers, new believers, those who are lukewarm and need a rekindlement of their faith, as well as those who do not yet beliieve and may inspire them to seek the Lord Yeshua haMashiach. Amen! To the Jew first and also to the non-Jew.

  4. A very stromg testimony with a strong central message of God and our calling as believers in Christ and of his love for us humans. We neef to get in line with God; the more as we see the times we live in. We need to take up our cross, live close to God and live in his command. God is good. He is our Joy, our Life and filles us with his Holy Spirit and supplies all that we need as we put God and his Kingdom first.

    Much love

  5. Praise Yahweh for this wonderful testimony ,I just accidently read this because I was looking for messianic fellowship since am visiting Sweden untill Sunday 06.03.2022 I just wanted to attend Shabbat am staying in jönköping ,that’s how I landed on this testimony am blessed by this and scripture says they overcame by the blood of the lamb and word of their testimony.Hallelujah praise Yahweh.I request that incase someone is reading this and knows of Shabbat fellowship around Jönköping please contact me on my email address below would be really nice to fellowship before I return to Germany on Sunday 06.03.22.Otherwise shalom and may Yahweh bless and keep you all. Tack

  6. Praise the Lord above all things.
    Anders there are some wonderful testimonies here in reading them and encouraging to read and for you ready to obey and trust the Lord and putting your trust in him in these things. And to do things in faith. And that is required of us to listen and obey.
    Thanks bro..shalom to you Anders..
    Keep up writing those testimonies coming and updating here on your blog so others can read and be blessed and encouraged too.

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