About my blog

My name is Anders Moberg. On my blog “Swedish heart and soul” I intend to approximately once a day deal with some of the subjects that I’m interested in: society issues, things that happen in the world around us, locally, nationally or globally. I also deal with smaller, ordinary matters of life, intercultural and interreligious issues, democracy and gender equality from different perspectives. Why write in English? Simple. To reach a potentially large audience. The texts are combined with my own photos, drawings and paintings.

Who am I? I have a humanitarian, social liberal ideology at the bottom, am profoundly anti racist, and a Swedish man proud of my country, even though I also see its flaws. Originally I was educated in comparative religions and Semitic languages with a B.A. from Lund University. Later on I’ve studied some information techniques and pedagogy in Malmoe where I live. I’ve been working as project tutor, teacher, administrator and within media. Since 2006 I’m also a published novelist.Anders Moberg picture

7 thoughts on “About my blog

  1. Tack for dina anmärkningar på data. Vi såg just filmen om Segerstedt på San Francisco Jewish Film Festival och kände oss djupt berörd. Som jude som bodde i Sverige för länge sedan hade jag själv inga känningar om racistiskt inslag som du beskriver, fast jag har förstått att allt inte var helt som man skulle ha hoppats under kriget och antagligen även efteråt.

    • Hi, Lawrence.
      I was mostly active between November 2012 and October 2014. By then I had got a new job which has taken up a lot of my time. However I intend to come with some more articles. Fascinating too that even after 1,5 years of silence my blog still has readers globally on a daily basis. Totally in 137 countries worldwide.I will return with more thoughts and information.

  2. Hej Anders
    Nothing from October 2014 is not a good sign
    I was going to ask of you some more information about Gustav III – you blogged about him on 6.3.2013. In particular, there is a rumour that he instructed an experiment to be done to see if cofee was poisonous (apparently something he believed in, perhaps from his stays in France?). It is a lovely story, perhaps too lovely, which makes me a little suspicious. Do you know anything about this, and, if yes, or no, I wonder where I can potentially find out more?
    Kind regards
    David Goldsmith (djagoldsmith@gmail.com)

    • Hello, David.
      Thank you for your comment. I haven’t heard anything about Gustav III’s ideas concerning coffee, but I can always investigate it and return with an answer. I was mostly active with my blog between November 2012 and October 2014. By that time I had got a new job which has taken up a lot of my time. However I have had ideas about writing some new articles on my blog, even though often things have come inbetween. Hopefully I will write something new in the near future. It’s positive though that I even after 1,5 years of silence on this blog still have daily readers on it, from all in all in 137 countries around the world. I will return.
      Kind regards, Anders Moberg

  3. I very much enjoyed your eesay about Monica Zetterlund. I had seen the recent movie “Waltz for Monica,” in the original Swedish with French subittles, and was looking online for more information about her. I’m a big fan of her music, and learned about Monica Zetterliund while visiting Stockholm in 2005, shortly after her dealth. Thank you for sharing your memories and insight about this most talented Swedish treasure. Lawrence Lew

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