When I write my texts

When I write my texts: especially my articles, novels and poems, but also other documents, I try to show the world as I perceive it, both good and bad. Affection, love, friendship, good deeds and various forms of co-operation are essential elements in my texts. Also when I describe conflicts in society of some sort, irrespective of if it’s a conflict between two or more individuals, or on a larger scale, my main aim use to be to pinpoint the problems as I see them on an individual basis, locally, nationally or on a global scale, but also try to find possible solutions for the common good, to make life at least a little easier for more people… Hopefully.

In my multicultural crime novels for instance I describe the conflicts between different ethnic groups, social classes, religions, between the sexes etc. by dichotomizing in such a way that I show that this individual or group thinks and behaves like this, and that other individual or group thinks and behaves like that. I put them in juxtaposition, side by side, to make the reader see what I see. It doesn’t matter if the subject is honor related violence, juvenile delinquency, financial crime “on Wall Street”, wife battering or something else. However, when I describe conflicts my goal is not to strengthen them, quite the opposite actually, but rather to show how we people behave in various situations. Then I might come with hints or suggestions for possible ways to solve a problem… or sometimes I let the readers think a bit to find solutions on their own. Nevertheless we live in a complex and imperfect world with many flaws.

 According to my view we people are imperfect all of us, we have both good and bad traits inside of us. If we had been perfect we would have been gods, which we are not. However, we do have an obligation to at least try and do good things and live as good lives as possible with respect for different lifestyles and backgrounds. We do not click with everyone, we can’t like everyone, but we must try to see and accept the wondrous variety in humanity. I do my utmost to do my part according to my capacities and skills. I hope that you do the same.

Anders Moberg, Malmoe, Sweden, November 6th 2012

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