A nice cup of tea on December 1st

014So now it’s December 1st 2012. It was snowing just a little last night and small spots of that snow remains on the ground a few meters from my house, but most of it has melted everywhere else. I have just been outside for a while, and the picture you see here was taken about an hour ago. I just wanted to take a stroll and get a breath of fresh air. Now when I’m back I intend to have a nice cup of steaming, hot tea. In that sense I’m very fortunate. I have the possibility to do that.

Despite the various problems in society, I live in a fairly well developed democracy where we are allowed to have different opinions without being imprisoned, even though the debate and quarrels sometimes are quite intense. There are limits though as in every society, but in comparison to many other places on earth we are allowed to have various opinions, and free democratic elections with a number of varied choices. The social problems that do exist must not be neglected, and in certain areas the poverty and injustices are immense. The different forms of economic and social crisis that have grown into mountainous proportions and are very difficult to fathom, have led to serious clashes. I sometimes speak with young adults that are unemployed and live on the outskirts of society, and the crime rate is high. They often feel despair, have lost faith in society and lack a hope for their future. There are others, well educated people, who’re kicked out in the chill of unemployment and who have severe difficulties with getting back in, and who’re getting poorer and poorer. The harsh competition and backstabbing in these situations are quite obvious, which is a very destructive sign.

This is something we must do something constructive about. We must take care of the human resources in a non-cynical, non-abusing way. The wages must be such that people can live on them and earn their living. The smaller and medium-sized companies must be given judicial rights and possibilities to survive and expand, young adults must be given proper jobs with legal protection, and middle aged people must be percieved as competent and useful on the labour market. Don’t waste the human resources, irrespective of if it concerns Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom, the USA, Egypt, India or any other country. We are here. Respect us and take care of our capacity in a dignified manner. That is what I think about when I start having my nice cup of tea.

Anders Moberg, December 1st 2012

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