Different – But the Same

On November 16th 2003 I wrote one of my poems about human behaviour and called it “Different – But the Same”. This is how it goes:

Kurds or Blacks or Arabs – a Muslim or a Jew,
the Chinese and the Indians, the Bosnian and the Serb.
We count the Scandinavians and all the others too –
the wisest form of attitude is used as healing herb.

We differ in our colours by smallest pool of genes,
we see these obvious things, exaggerate their value.
The ignorant is frightened, on racism he then leans,
instead of see the causes – that differences are few.

Some of us are wealthy with gold and education,
while many others suffer from poverty so grave.
Their fiercest fighters judged for hateful instigation,
when they oppose injustices – a better life they crave.

In powerful position one fear the fiercest protest,
attack the poor and foreigners, and drop the bombs from skies.
Instead of seeing reasons – the weapons put to test,
the critics with their wits are said to tell some lies.

The leaders here and there, corrupted by their wealth,
ignore the common people and see them as inferior.
Instead those men of power do bad, bad things by stealth,
and cover up their tracks, both inside and exterior.

Too many people are destroyed for unjust cause.
Jobs are lost, and lives are too – exterminated chances.
But nobody is perfect, we humans have our flaws,
we must each other see, instead of using lances.

Why should it really matter what kind of social group,
religious faith or nation that we were born into?
Why should all the soldiers be formed in lethal troup,
when God He gave us life – so Holy all way through?

It ought to be illegal to instigate the terrorism,
neglect the facts and justices, and fairness as a rule.
The cruel and brutal person, with twisted narcissism,
and prejudiced ideas will lose the Heaven’s jewel.

It isn’t very likely that we a just world get,
but we can do our very best to change a little bit.
To treat each other well, and loving care, I bet,
will loving hearts accept, will Graceful Lord permit.

To love all people in our world is only but a dream,
but we can learn to live, respect all forms of life.
The Ocean of Acceptance and Jesus’ Wisdom Stream,
on these we have to sail – for this we have to strife.

Even though nine years have passed since I wrote this poem I feel that the message I wanted to convey back then still holds a meaning even today. Take care of each other and yourselves.

Anders Moberg, December 9th 2012


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