Expect the unexpected


In 1845 the Danish fairytale-writer H.C. Andersen published his story about Simple Simon. It was a story about three brothers: two well educated and one simple and plain one, Simon. They all ride off wooing to the princess for her hand in marriage, the two eldest on horses and the youngest on a billy goat. Simple Simon finds on the way to the city a dead crow, a clog and mud in the ditch to give as presents to the princess. Every man who comes to the court ends up nervous and stuttering, which annoys the princess. But not Simon. His straightforwardness makes him the winner and he’s allowed to marry the princess.

So what is the quintessence of this? In this particular context I want to show that we should expect the unexpected. Not everything is what it seems to be, unexpected possibillities might turn up if you’re daring, even when it looks dark and gloomy. Of course we must be realistic and make calculations and plans which make sense, but we also need a certain amount of hutzpa, (or cheekiness if you like), to be daring and believe in ourselves if we are to succeed. In days of economic crisis there are several different approaches combined that are of the essence to move forward and find a new position and reality. First thing first. We have different skills, are good at different things, and it’s good to be humble enough to realise and admit one’s weaknesses and what we have to develop.

On the other hand, the society must become better at taking care of and value a greater variety of approaches and skills. We must keep open minds and make new alliances to build solid platforms for us to stand on. To seek contacts with old friends and relatives, former employers etc is one way. To make new acquaintences is another. We also must be persistent and willing to work hard for our sallary, but then again also to find structures and follow the laws of the country to make that happen. Many countries have troubled times, and many people have extreme problems coping because of a strained economy and fear of the future. So a combination of realism, structure, scepticism and caution in combination with plans for the future are needed. Life has taught me that we might expect the unexpected. If we want to reach a certain goal we might get there, or at least part of the way, if we work hard for it, depending on our skills. People you don’t expect to meet turn up, old friends stay by your side even in hard times, other friends leave you, people from your past that you didn’t like before might turn up again and have changed so much that you might become good friends, and people from your past who used to like you before might turn up again and remain by your side as friends. Fair-weather friends (those who only like you at parties and in success) though are false and dangerous, as well as those who can’t cope with you succeeding if you do. People who hate your personality or efforts and do what they can to block your way and to destroy things for you are also dangerous, and in troubled times even more so. Still, we must believe in ourselves and in our capacity to succeed and to do well. We just have to expect the unexpected.

Anders Moberg, December the 8th 2012

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